19 05 06
New Offshore HDG Safety Hook

New Offshore HDG Safety Hook

We are now launching a Hot Dip Galvanized Safety Hook for offshore applications. 

The new DNV type approved offshore safety hook has a longer lifetime and requires less maintenance incorrosive environments, making it perfect for offshore applications.

We are now introducing a new unique DNV type approved offshore safety hook with dual surface treatment –Offshore HDG Safety Hook. It has all the benefits that our original BK Safety Hook has, but is designed to meet the specific challenges in corrosive offshore environments in which it will have a longer lifetime and require less maintenance than standard products.

The new Offshore HDG Safety hook is hot dipped galvanized and thereafter powder coated in fluorescent yellow. The high visibility color increases the safety for operating personnel while the HDG coating gives outstanding resistance. The hook is designed with high impact strength at low temperatures.

Our offshore products are manufactured to the exact demands and with preventive actions taken to avoid hydrogen embrittlement in the material. The risk of hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking is minimized through the use of high quality steel, thoroughly controlled production process and low hardness (<38 HRC) in the finished product.

Offshore HDG Safety Hook and WRIN STR Handle - a perfect match for increased safety and longer product lifetime.

The WRIN STR Handle is a safety handle that provides additional safety to HDG Safety hook with WRINour BK Safety Hook family. With this unique handle the operator open and close the safety hook without placing any hands inside the hook, resulting inreduced risk of personal injury on worksites. The handle is easily mounted on the safety hook, without compromising the integrity of the design and capabilities of the hook.

Read more about the Offshore HDG Safety hook in the Product Highlight.

For more information, please contact Mattias Löfqvist,  EVP Head of Sales & Marketing,

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